Top 23 US Political Science Schools 2024

To be included in the Top 23, a university needs to be ranked in the Top 40 of at least three of the following lists: Top Universities, Appily, Niche, and College Vine. I then excluded the maximum rankings and averaged the remaining scores to determine the final ranking.

TOP 23

1Harvard University1.010
2Princeton University2.342
3Yale University3.352
4Stanford University3.33-1
5Georgetown University5.03025
6University of Chicago7.3126
7Dartmouth College9.02417
8University of Pennsylvania9.06-2
9Brown University9.0178
10Massachusetts Institute of Technology9.02-8
11Columbia University9.37-4
12University of California, Los Angeles13.3153
13Northwestern University15.0141
14University of Michigan15.0162
15Pomona College15.0URN/A
16Duke University15.313-3
17University of California, Berkeley16.311-6
18Cornell University19.78-10
19Vanderbilt University20.3201
20Rice University21.03313
21University of Notre Dame21.03615
22New York University21.3253
23Washington University in St. Louis23.321-2
WashU, how did you get in there?

Biggest Gainers

Georgetown University (+25), Dartmouth College (+17) are premier Political Science schools.

While, Rice (+13) and Notre Dame (+15) also make it into the Top-25.

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