Top 25 US Finance Schools

To be included in the Top 25, a university needs to be ranked in the Top 60 of at least three of the following lists: Top Universities, Appily, Niche, College Vine, Times Higher Education, and US News. I then excluded the two maximum and minimum rankings and averaged the remaining scores to determine the final ranking.

TOP 25

1Harvard University101.71
2University of Pennsylvania642.31
3Massachusetts Institute of Technology2-13.01
4New York University252110.02
5Northwestern University14911.73
6Boston College565012.34
7Yale University5-212.75
8Carnegie Mellon University231514.79
9University of Texas at Austin322314.74
10University of Michigan16615.03
11University of Southern California221117.79
12University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill261419.38
13Washington University in St. Louis21821.07
14Johns Hopkins University9-527.06
15University of Notre Dame362127.73
16University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign281229.010
17Boston University351830.022
18Georgetown University301230.72
19University of Virginia371831.312
20University of Florida341432.014
21University of Washington19-238.718
22University of Wisconsin – Madison27539.024
23University of Rochester492644.326
24University of Minnesota391544.715
25George Washington University704545.037
Illinois and WashU are in the Top 16!

Biggest Gainers

Finance has the largest movers to date. If you are looking into finance, pay close attention as there are new faces.

Boston College (+50) is the sixth-ranked school for finance, but it is outside the Top 50 overall.

George Washington University (+45) and the University of Rochester (+26) edge themselves into the top 25.

Meanwhile, Texas (+23) and NYU (+21) are in the Top 10.

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