Top 27 US History Schools 2024

To be included in the Top 27, a university needs to be ranked in the Top 60 of at least four of the following lists: Top Universities, Appily, Niche, College Vine, and Times Higher Education. I then excluded the maximum and minimum rankings and averaged the remaining scores to determine the final ranking.

TOP 27

1Harvard University2.010
2Princeton University4.042
3Stanford University4.030
4Yale University4.351
5University of Chicago7.3127
6Columbia University10.371
7University of Pennsylvania12.76-1
8Brown University13.0179
9Massachusetts Institute of Technology15.72-7
10University of California, Los Angeles16.3155
11Johns Hopkins University16.79-2
12Duke University17.7131
13Northwestern University18.3141
14University of California, Berkeley19.311-3
15University of Michigan23.3161
16Dartmouth College23.7248
17Georgetown University24.03013
18Rice University28.03315
19Vanderbilt University28.7201
20University of Notre Dame28.73616
21Cornell University30.78-13
22University of Southern California34.0220
23New York University34.3252
24University of Virginia36.73713
25Emory University36.73813
26University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill38.0260
27Washington University in St. Louis39.021-6
Look who is sneaking in at the bottom of the list again!

Biggest Gainers

Emory (+13), Virginia (+13), Notre Dame (+16), Rice (+15), and Georgetown (+13) are the biggest movers, but History sees the slightest changes in our series yet.

Don’t Forget the Liberal Arts!

Rankings can forget most Liberal Arts schools, but you should heavily consider one if history is your passion.

Pomona (5), Williams (8), Amherst (9), Swarthmore (12), Bowdoin (16), Barnard (18), and Wellesley (19) would all make the Top 25 if we looked at only Appily, CollegeVine, and Niche rankings.

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