How Much For A Hot Dog, A Beer & A Water

My son and I saw a game at every NFL stadium this year. We tried our best to rank them and gather stats around food prices at each stadium. Unfortunately, we cannot compare apples to apples as each stadium has different brands and sizes, but here is a graphic of the combined price for a hot dog, a 16-ounce domestic beer, and a 20-ounce bottle of water.

*I tried my best to find the cheapest options at each stadium we visited during the 2021 NFL season. This data has not been vetted by the NFL or any individual teams or stadiums.

Average Prices

  • Beer: $10.09
  • Water: $4.80
  • Hot Dog: $5.98


Mercedes Benz Stadium is in a league of its own. We were not there for a special event. Therefore, we did not receive small portion sizes. Atlanta simply treats their visitors quite well. I don’t think there are many restaurants where you could walk away with a beer, hot dog, and water for under $11. I wasn’t that hungry but couldn’t pass up a $2 vegan dog.

MT&T Bank does a great job of offering cheap food options for families while still offering other Maryland favorites. In addition, mile High makes up for its decrepit stadium with suitable consumables.

On the higher side, we see the Super Bowl Champions raising their prices to help cover Tom Brady’s salary. All three highest stadiums saw their total prices mainly increased by the costs of their hot dogs. These were the only stadiums that didn’t offer a hot dog for under $7.

This data is only a tiny snapshot of all the options available at each stadium. Some stadiums offered deals in certain sections or specific times. Others offered combos at a steeply reduced price. Of course, some continued to show combos, but at no discount. Obtaining the “cheap” beer wasn’t always either option either.

My largest tip if you visit any NFL stadium. Arrive early and scout all sections. You’ll find something interesting in your price range.

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