I Love GIFs

I spend my entire life in my head. I create scenarios to entertain or prepare myself for the real world. Movies and TV shows are permanently burned in my neurons more than my interactions with people close to me.

I know it sounds messed up, but it is reasonable. You can’t easily access memories of your parents hugging you like you can access a meme.

You can’t trust your brain. It will store things the way you want to accept them. You may frame awkward memories in hilarious ways. You may downplay how traumatizing the experiences were.

A GIF is just a collection of still images. Your brain then creates its own story. You may have a personal experience with the source. You may relate to what is being shown. Or maybe you laugh because you are reminded of the other times you have seen the GIF.

I enjoyed drawing as a kid, but digital media has taken over my life. I can’t use a stylus to make beautiful art, but I can find the perfect GIF for the moment.

I have dipped my toes in creating GIFs. There are so many low-quality GIFs permeating our culture. I have Blurays that can be ripped, and people can experience the wonder that movies like Brigadoon can provide us.

I will keep working my way towards making my unreality a reality.

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