NFL Tankathon 2024

The Cubs missed the playoffs after going 7-13 in their last twenty games of the year.

Red Bull and Max Verstappen clinched a double championship before F1 even made it to the United States.

Illinois football is 1-3 in conference play.

The Chicago Bears are the only thing left to cheer for the rest of the year. Not because they’re good, oh no, of course not. It is because they are trying to be worse than the 2022 Bears.

When the Bears started the season 0-4, message boards were filled with talk about the Bears taking Caleb Williams #1 overall. But the Bears didn’t just own the #1 overall pick; they also held the #2 overall pick. Because of the D.J. Moore trade, the Bears own the Panthers’ first-round pick.

In week 5, the Bears won their first game, but the Panthers did not. This means the Bears still held the top two picks. Nothing changed this weekend as both teams added another loss to their record.

The Bears are not the worst team in the league. They have played uninspired football, but if Fields stays healthy, they should win more games. The Panthers, however, are continuing to start Bryce Young, who has not been impressive.

The dream resembles last year, where we discover that Justin Fields is worth keeping. Get the Panthers’ #1 overall and trade it to get Marvin Harrison Jr. and another lineman or edge rusher.

But Connor Bedard is here, and I may start following hockey.

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