Professional License Management

Not all business ideas are sexy.

A business needs to solve a problem. For example, I worked for a company whose main product was the middleman between companies and a user’s phone.

A company worth billions of dollars to do work that no one else wants to do.

So what is something that people don’t want to deal with? Managing their professional license!

The Pitch

A company that acts as a personal assistant for business professionals (Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Electricians, etc.), ensuring all of their professional business licenses are in good standing.

The Why

Over 15 million business professionals require licensure or certification in the United States. Each profession and each state have its own rules.

Professionals got into their profession because they wanted to do their job. So naturally, therefore, they (usually) do not want to handle finances and mundane details of staying in compliance with the law.

For example, my wife is an Audiologist. She has to maintain her license in every state where she monitors a case. Since she can do this remotely, she can monitor ten different states each year. Since she is self-employed, it is her responsibility to ensure that she is in good standing with each state.

For the cost of a couple of hours of her work, she should be able to have someone else manage this workload for her. But she needs a knowledgeable entity, and she can trust.

So let’s help professionals do their profession. Let us do the paperwork!

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