Twitch Without the Viewers

I run a lot.

I would also play many video games in an ideal world.

Since I have a family I care about, I now rarely play games. However, I realized that I could combine my two passions by playing video games while I ran.

When I told one of my coworkers this a few years ago, they responded, “You should stream that.”

To Stream or Not to Stream

I enjoy entertaining people. I also struggle with extreme humility. When people say that they find things I do funny, I think so, but I also reminisce about failing to make my college improv troupe.

I don’t have concerns over my privacy, and if people want to watch me run, more power to them. But is this actual entertainment?

Would people want to watch someone run on a treadmill while playing a video game that thousands of other streamers are playing?

Then, what about the actual process of streaming.

If I start streaming and no one is watching, should I talk?

If I’m running so hard it’s hard to talk, do I speak?

Is it funny to try to watch someone talk while they are running?

Why am I even making these posts if no one is reading them?

Because I’d rather be unseen than unchanged.


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