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Avatar: The Way of Water (2022)

This was my first experience in an updated (to me) IMAX theater. However, before it left theaters, I wanted to see Avatar 2 again in 3D IMAX. So we sat in plush rockers, which were very comfortable and had plenty of space.


We came in just as the movie started and did not catch any trailers.


Movie Time: 2:40
Movie Start: 2:57
Credits Start: 5:59

Movie Start Delay: 17m
Non-Credit Movie Runtime: 3h02m
Listed Runtime: 3h12m

My Brief Review

This movie is why movie theaters exist. It is a partially flawed film with a simple plot, but I could not take my eyes off the screen.

90% of the movie is CGI. Almost all of the main characters are CGI, but you are not thinking about that; you’re thinking about how insane it would be to live on Pandora. When the children go diving for the first time, you feel like you are scuba diving with them. You want to experience all these creatures the same way the kids are.

This is a three-hour movie and drags at some points. But it also almost brought me to tears seeing the death of a computer-generated fantastical creature. As long as your bladder is strong, the film’s final thirty minutes combine action and drama as only Cameron can.

The dynamics between Kiri and Spider excite me for the third and hopefully fourth films.

If you haven’t Avatar 2 in theaters, please do so before you are left trying to watch a three-hour film on your TV at home in one sitting.


Tom 8/10
11-year-old 7/10

Average 7.5/10

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