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Flair for Your Accomplishments

I play video games where you can only earn certain gear by doing remarkable actions. My daughter really wants a skateboard with a blue jay on it in a Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 and doing a 15 trick flatland combo is not easy. I’ll be very proud when she’s riding that board.

I’ve been tracking my running on Strava for over 5 years. They have monthly digital challenges and sponsored events that can earn you digital badges. I enter them and like seeing my digital trophy case fill up.

Why not real life badges?

When I was a kid, I was in the Cub Scouts probably for the sole reason of earning merit badges. I didn’t care about knots, but cared about my Mom sewing a knot badge on my vest. I wanted to strut around like a peacock with my military general level sash.

I wish there was a candy eating badge

The Pitch

You have an accomplishment you’re proud of? Have it immortalized on a badge to be worn or displayed proudly.

Be the Steak Merchandise?

I mean that is basically what I’m suggesting. I want to run with a hat that has a bunch of badges showing that I have run X miles in my life, or Y miles in a year, or Z miles a day for A days.

I’m a humble person. I don’t like to boast. But I also like to collect. So maybe I just put the badges in my own little display or bag. Maybe I put them on running belt. Or maybe I make a badge for every mile I run and sew it into a quilt and wrap my self in it when I run and use it’s ever increasing mass as training fuel.

Not Just Athletic Accomplishments

We’ve all seen the 10k bumper stickers, but what about a badge for reading every day for a year? Or reading to your child 100 times? Dentists can award their patients badges for having their checkups and for dental care streaks.

We need to celebrate positive things and take pride in our own accomplishments. You don’t need to bench press 500 pounds to be excited about yourself. Celebrate self-control and being a good example for others.

We should proudly wear badges for whatever we care about.

Even if it is badge making.

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