When an Internet Meme Becomes Reality

One day browsing Reddit I saw a comment mentioning if they just did one hundred pushups, one hundred sit-ups, one hundred squats and ran 10km a day they could be One-Punch Man.

One-Punch Man

I quickly learned about this fictitious superhero that obtained infinite power after a year and a half of this workout routine.

I am not an idiot.

I realize this routine can’t give anyone superpowers, but it did seem like an achievable goal to me. I was already running six or more miles, which I figured was the hardest part. So on March 29, 2017. I decided I would do my own “One-Punch Man Workout” ever day.

My Daily Routine

The best part about making up your own workout routine is you get to make your own rules. My squats are not perfect form. My sit-ups are crunches. My push-ups have turned into a race to see how fast I can get them done. They are still minor improvements everyday that make me feel stronger.

So how do you squeeze in 100 push-ups, 100 squats and 100 crunches into a day? You do it with other personal maintenance activities.

Remember when I told you about how I shave every day? Well, I do it while I’m doing my squats.

I can usually get in 50-70 squats while I do my electric shaving and then when I do my dry razer shaving I finish them off.

After shaving I take care of my teeth (get excited for a future post on that). If I still need a few squats I do it while I floss. Then I hop on the floor and start doing my crunches… while I brush my teeth with my electric toothbrush. I keep one arm behind my head and the other moves the brush around.

I can now get close to 200 crunches done during my two-minute brush timer.

The push-ups used to be extremely painful. I could barely do a handful at a time. I had to split them up throughout the day. But now…

I’ve settled to not do a full range of motion. I’m sure fitness pros will say I’m a lazy sack of shit who is a disgrace to real athletes. But it’s fun and still challenging for me.

look at those flared elbows and minimum range of motion

I’ve been able to do over 150 of these “push-ups” in one set. I’ve trained myself to perform a very odd and specific activity. But I can do it very well.

To think. In a matter of fewer than ten minutes, I can complete all my personal maintenance and be ready for the day, feeling a little stronger, if not a little stranger.

1287 straight days, but still no superpowers.

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